The reasons of becoming an escort lady have changed over the years. Of course is the financial aspect a determining criteria but it is not the only one. Let´s take a look at the young ladies twenty plus. This generation is open-minded and promiscuity in a way that didn´t exist before.

The women have been grown up in good situated families and are well educated. Some study impressing subjects what you wouldn´t expect because of the later following living situation.

These women know what they want in life and see their jobs as escort-ladies as a short stop on their way. They don´t have any problems with it. Many haven´t a boyfriend and they use their job for a good sexual balance. When Escort Service asks the ladies why they want to do this kind of job we get answers like: “ I want to be an escort to find my sexual satisfaction and see the possibility to connect that with a good income.” Why not?

The more mature women have often been in a long relationship or have been married for long. They have a job, are reliable and native. These women don´t want a new relationship because they know that statistically spoken every third marriage gets divorced. An author said once: Germany, the land of broken hearts. The Marriage is losing influence and much more. But of course long and harmonically marriages still exist.

These women communicate about their intention of being an escort lady very open-minded as well. They want to life their sexual life with a relationship. Many of our act-one-escort ladies had made many new experiences.

Act One Escort Service service arranges holiday and weekend escorts, many of the women had already fantastic staying, in overseas as well. They gad wonderful dinner dates, visited musicals or other events. All ladies at Act One Escort are satisfied and have much fun with sexuality activities. Otherwise it wouldn´t be possible to do this job. Satisfied ladies make satisfied clients, what else do we want.



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