Nearly all of our Escort dates take place in hotels. We have often enquiries of men who are not familiar with the procedure of an Escort date. The name of the hotel where the date shall take place has to be told the agency during the booking enquiry. Sometimes the booking of an Escort date is completed before the travel plans inclusive hotel information are given. After knowing the missing dates the client has to tell the booking team of Act One Escort the name and the address of his hotel. This can happen by call, text message or mail. Actually we prefer the notification by text message because it´s the quickest way.

In Hamburg are several hotels with the same or similar name. The address is important for the comparison of the hotels to avoid an inconvenient delay at the beginning of the date.

Often hotels are rebooked near term. Then we have to get the necessary information by the client prompt. The client gets to know his room number in the hotel first. Then he gives the number to the Act One Escort Service booking team as well. In some cases the client already knows his room number during the bookings because he always checks in the same room or in the same suite. Our Escort team gives the room number further to the booked Escort-lady so that she knows where she has to go to. Knowing the room number is often not enough to reach the clients´ room or suite. Because of security reasons the hotel guests get a key card without it isn´t even possible to use the lift. The agency of Act One Escort Service knows nearly all the different standards of each hotel in Hamburg.

So it is necessary to communicate about this theme at every booking. In many cases the client gives evidence by himself to let the agency know if a key card is necessary.

There are several possibilities to manage these circumstances. The client picks up the chosen escort lady at an arranged meeting point in the lobby. Many clients take this as an opportunity to meet the escort-lady at the bar to begin the evening with a glass of champagne or a cocktail. Other clients leave a key card for the lady at the reception so that she has the possibility to move free in the hotel. The question for a recommendation of a Restaurant is often asked by clients. Especially by clients who are not familiar with this area and we are pleased to give them these.

Please feel free to ask questions which we might not have responded to this theme. The Team of Act One Escort Service is pleased to help you, thank you for your attention.



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